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Hawthorn Leaf Necklace

Hawthorn Leaf Necklace


Adorn a magical leaf from a fairy tree! Hawthorn trees, also known as fairy trees, are believed to be protected by fairy guardians. This tree is a symbol of magic and mythology especially a single hawthorn tree growing alone. Treat hawthorn trees with great respect for you don't want to upset the fairies living there



A nature fairy aesthetic jewelry piece. Small batch made in philadelphia, botanical fantasy jewelry with a minimal aesthetic. This Hawthorn leaf is a talisman of respect for the fairies and nature. Botanical fantasy meets minimalism in this nature jewelry piece.




PLEASE Allow for at least 1-2 weeks of production time!

plus about 1 week of shipping- If you need sooner please reach out




Available in these metals:


​_​ ​925 Silver​ (precious metal)​

_​ ​10karat yellow gold charm only


(Please see care instructions on our site for how to care for your jewelry)