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Hand of Nature Charm

Hand of Nature Charm


The Hand of Nature Charm



- Wear this talisman to gain wisdom from the spirit of nature. Call forth the elements to give you courage in dark times, while always having the strength to be gentle and kind. A symbol of nature's strength, resilience and calmness the Hand of Nature is for those who seek wisdom from the elemental forces of nature.


A nature fairy aesthetic jewelry piece. Small batch made in philadelphia, botanical fantasy jewelry with a minimal aesthetic. This Hand charm with vines is a talisman of respect for the power and magic of nature. Botanical fantasy meets minimalism in this nature jewelry piece.

this charm is the perfect fantasy fine jewelry to become your future heirloom.



PLEASE Allow for at least 1-2 weeks of production time!

plus about 1 week of shipping- If you need sooner please reach out




Available in these metals:


​_​ ​925 Silver​ (precious metal)​

_​ ​10karat yellow gold CHARM ONLY


(Please see care instructions on our site for how to care for your jewelry)