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Care and How to use

learn how to make it last 


Jewelry Care


-925 Sterling Silver-

An affordable precious metal that has a long jewelry life,

can be passed down and holds market value.

-Gold plating over 925 Sterling Silver-

(precious metal plated on precious metal)

Affordable gold option AND it's precious metal on precious metal. The silver base

has a long jewelry life,  can be passed down and holds market value-

the gold plating on top can wear over time

BUT we offer free plating on our Gold plated silver for life.

all you have to do is pay to ship it back to us

(usually its $5 for domestic and $15 for international)

(we will re-plate the silver piece with gold and ship back for free) 

-Gold Filled-

(14/20GF over a BASE metal)

Gold-filled jewelry is a solid layer of gold bounded to a base metal

 Gold filled jewelry is a great option for achieving the gold look 

while being  affordable, hypoallergenic, waterproof.

HOWEVER the base metal is not a precious metal

& the Gold filled plating CAN wear off in a minimum of 10 years if you're hard on it.

(it's still a better option than Gold Plated jewelry!

which is a thinner layer of gold over as base metal)


To care for any gold plated or gold filled Jewelry:

Hot soapy water and a cloth works great.

Do not polish any gold-filled/plated jewelry with a polishing cloth ever.

(polishing cloths come with compound that can strip the gold plating off faster!!)

Remember your jewelry lasts as long as you care for it. 

To care for your Silver Jewelry:

Clean it yourself at home using hot hot soapy water, mild soap, and a soft toothbrush.

Also use a polishing cloth- all of our 925 jewelry items come with one.

Or have the piece professionally cleaned- it will usually be put it into a ultrasonic and then steamed. 

While silver is a precious metals and precious metals are all "life proof" please still read:

As a rule of thumb you should always remember to remove any jewelry before sleeping, swimming, working out and anything of that nature.  One reason it's recommended to not wear jewelry while doing these actives is, the obvious reason of it can break the item but, it can also speed up tarnishing.

for Silver jewelry any tarnish is not permanent and can be easily removed 

Tarnishing is the darkening of metal over time from being exposed to different variables.

go ahead wear your silver jewelry as much as you want, and now you know how to keep it looking new!

As with any of our products, please contact us

if you have any questions about caring for your jewelry items


Plant Charm Care

The part that goes into the dirt: the soil anchors.

These are acrylic and stainless steel, and can be cleaned in many ways. We found it’s best to clean dirt off the soil anchors using a wet paper towel with a little bit of soap. 

Brass Signs

Because our signs are made from brass, spots it may occur if they come in contact with water, and depending on environmental factors could tarnish over time.

GOOD NEWS, this is fixable! Because brass is very common in art, and home decor there are many home remedies out there online to fix tarnish and/or water spots on brass items. We have also found that the product: Bar Keepers Friend works wonders on the plant charm signs! (we are not sponsored!!). 

Please contact us if you need assistance with any cleaning or care of the plant charms! 

aloe there 3.jpg

How to use Plant Charms

simply insert one rod into the plant soil

letting the chains drape over the side of your pot

then carefully insert the other rod into the soil.


The rods can be placed closer or farther apart depending on the look desired.


Any of the designs can be used with any size pot and are very easy to move from plant to plant.


Please, watch the video if confused! 

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