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Garden Sword Necklace

Garden Sword Necklace


Nature has grown over this sword and is a symbol for finding your peace over fighting. This sword has vines and leaves wrapped around it- a blend of power and serenity.  The Garden Sword design has minimal fantasy inspired botanical garden sword charm. This is a mythical sword piece symbolizing peace we must fight and protect in us all while the nature encourages you to choose a path of serenity


A light and dark aesthetic jewelry piece. Small batch made in philadelphia, botanical fantasy jewelry with a minimal aesthetic. This Garden Sword is a talisman of protection charm reminding you to fight for your peace but encourages you to choose a path of serenity. Botanical fantasy meets minimalism in this necklace




PLEASE Allow for at least 1-2 weeks of production time!

plus about 1 week of shipping- If you need sooner please reach out




Available in these metals:

​_​ ​925 Silver​ (precious metal)​

_​ ​10karat yellow coming soon! Join email list to be first to know 


(Please see care instructions on our site for how to care for your jewelry)