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Aura Rings

Aura Rings


Let your inner aura shine with these gemstone minimal aesthetic rings.


The Aura ring- This minimal gemstone ring is small batch made, fantasy-inspired and designed with allowing your inner light to shine. 

The Aura ring features a delicate botanical design, inspired by the enchanting beauty of nature and the whimsical world of fantasy. The ring is made with hypoallergenic metals, ensuring both comfort and sustainability. 

This piece of jewelry is perfect for anyone who loves minimalist and understated style, while also appreciating beauty and uniqueness. The Aura ring is a timeless piece that can be worn everyday. 

The Aura ring is available in any finger size because size inclusivity is very important in jewelry making! We want a perfect ring fit for everyone. Each piece is made in small batches, ensuring exclusivity and attention to detail, and every gemstone is natural making it a unique and special addition to your jewelry collection. Treat yourself or someone special to this beautiful and enchanting piece of jewelry that will capture the imagination and add a touch of magic to any outfit.



not all stone options are pictured!



PLEASE Allow for at least 1-2 weeks of production time!

plus about 1 week of shipping- If you need sooner please reach out



Available in these metals:

​_​ ​925 Silver​ (precious metal)​

_​ ​10karat yellow coming soon! Join email list to be first to know 


(Please see care instructions on our site for how to care for your jewelry)

Gemstone - 5mm or 8mm